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About the Author

From the book cover:

Ginger Booth is a mathematician turned graphics programmer with a career in environmental science and engineering. She’s been smoking for 40 years and vaping for 5. A lifelong writer, her first popular-audience book was Indoor Salad: How to Grow Vegetables Indoors. She has a condo in shoreline Connecticut, with crops spilling out the balconies and down the driveway.

I also have some fiction books out. Please see books.gingerbooth.com for the full list.

I'm a freelance programmer in the day job. My typical work is building university-level teaching apps. I have two contracts for those at the moment. One is an archaeological simulator that explores the fall of ancient Subir to climate change. Another is a new series of environmental chemistry apps. If you're interested in any of that, my business website is at gingerbooth.com. I also have some math toys at mathtoybox.com.

Vaping-wise, I'm currently hitting the DIY e-liquids fairly hard, having bought a whole lot of commercial juices while writing the book. Back to my own cooking for a bit! Though I'm also vaping some Grape Soda flavor from Vapure, because I needed another 30ml bottle. :) Sounds strange, but it's very good!

Then, aside from writing books, I'm growing a ton of vegetables, and swimming every day, and enjoying the summer. Hope you are, too!