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Fiction - End Game

End Game is a full-length science fiction novel. Set in Connecticut, this near-term SF adventure is pre-apocalyptic, where ordinary people choose extraordinary ways to face a climate and world gone haywire.

An e-cigarette does appear in one scene. And indoor vegetables.

Some review snippets:

"I had trouble putting it down. I would really enjoy another book in this future, but just from another location. The message that the future is bleak, but deal with it, is very refreshing. Stories with the future being bright and the hero coming out on top, doesn't always happen."

"A vivid picture of how one small corner of the world deals with global events at a very personal level. Starting slowly End Game peels away layers of normality to reveal a world going badly wrong. As the situation gets worse we see how people either degenerate or learn to adapt and even thrive in adversity. As End Game reached its conclusion, I hadn't done with these characters yet and wanted to know more about how their lives panned out. And those are End Game's greatest strengths: a protagonist - and supporting cast - that I grew to identify with over the course of their story, and a message of hope in a world threatening to burst apart at the seams."

"Brilliant read, took me on a great ride as a reader. I loved the interesting and unique characters all thrown together in a changing and crumbling world. Edgy, fast paced. A story that stays with you & gets you thinking! Highly Recommended. I look forward to reading more books from Ginger Booth!"

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