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Ecigs101 Book Launches

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E-Cigs 102 Launch!

E-Cigarettes 102: DIY E-Liquid released! This is the second book in the E-Cigs 101 series.

Also - check out my new DIY Calculator! Built to support the new book.

E-Cigarettes 102 covers the whole art and science of making your own flavored e-liquid. I've been making my own for 5 years, since the very first day I vaped. It's easy!

The book jumps in with how to do "Semi-Homemade" e-liquid - play with flavors, not high-nicotine concentrates and solvents. It builds up to "Full Custom DIY". With semi-homemade, flavoring your own e-liquid is easy and saves lots of money. With full custom, you take control over nicotine levels, the chemicals you're taking into your body, etc. The book presents all you need to know, for beginner through advanced DIY.

I'm a pretty emphatic fruit vaper myself. Guest DIY-ers present other flavors. 25 recipes included for inspiration.

The goal of this whole series is to serve as a friendly guide for new vapers, or established vapers seeking to go beyond. There's a ton of information available on the Internet, but frankly, does it make much sense? Can you tell what's important, what's not, what's necessary or optional or just plain obsolete?

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E-Cigs 101 Launch!

The first book in my new series has launched! Softcover and eBook are available now!

E-Cigarettes 101: How to Start Vaping is a quick-start guide to vaping - how to get off to a great start, with as little as possible of what you don't need and can't use. Especially, this guide doesn't assume you want to quit smoking. But it explains how to quit smoking with e-cigarettes if you want to. It seeks to be as smoker-friendly and smoker-positive as possible. You've taken more than enough abuse for smoking. Have a serving of respect instead.

Smoking is an emotional issue. E-Cigarettes 101 approaches those emotions with stories of vapers who've gone before you. I believe story is the best vehicle we have for coming to terms with emotional content. And smoking has become all too emotional an issue in our society.

It's been a fun and liberating experience writing this book, especially collaborating with the other story tellers! I hope you'll find a little liberation in the reading of it, and perhaps the perfect e-cig and e-liquid for your own vaping happy place.

The whole series will feature personal stories. Please be sure to sign up for the mailing list, to be notified when new books in the series are available!

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  • Feb 6 2016