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3 New Recipes

I have 3 great new recipes to share. Two use flavors from Jolene Durban kindly sent me a selection of their flavors to try. If you click on their "Printable PG Flavor List", there are suggested recipe percentages for all their many flavors. I'm using way less than the listed suggestions, though. As usual, that depends on your atomizer and taste.

Coconut Macaroon

I don't usually go for dessert flavors, but I love this one. For 10 ml:

  • 20 drops GetSuckered CoCo-TaRo flavor (10%)
  • 4 drops ethyl maltol (2%)


Cool with a bite. For 10 ml:

  • 8 drops GetSuckered Cucumber-Melon flavor (4%)

Inawera Pear

Finally a pear flavor that works! For 10 ml:

  • 8 drops Inawera Pear flavor (4%)

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