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Another Flavor to Avoid

In Ecigs102, I pointed out that flavors have a whopping number of ingredients, and can be dangerous. So you kinda need to keep an eye on emerging issues.

Here's one that was news to me – cinnamaldehyde, a compound found in cinnamon and cola flavors. In fact, it may be the component of cola flavors that clouds plastic, as mentioned in Ecigs102. The article I read, in Science News, March 5, 2016, said these compounds suppressed the ability of immune cells in the lungs and bloodstream. I cross-checked this on the Internet and found this thread on the ECF, that reports some people having really dangerous reactions to cinnamon, up to and including visits to the emergency room.

Gut feel: mixing cinnamon flavors is not a good idea.

The Science News article reported several other "scary" things. But I poked into those and didn't find the arguments very compelling.

1. "Lung and nasal tissue of smokers – and especially vapers – may be more susceptible to any kind of infection."

Well, I'd research that more if I were concerned. But I'm not very prone to infections. And I believe smoking depresses your lungs for a half hour after a cigarette.

2. Ecig vapors increased plaque buildup in arteries. (And thus harm your cardiovascular health.)

The mechanism of this is supposedly formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the vapor. The thing is, you only get that from using an e-cig incorrectly, too high voltage or getting a dry puff (which tastes awful – that's you, tasting this bad stuff). Moral of the story: if it tastes yucky, don't vape it. I think we knew that.

One of the reasons I read up on this is because of the latest fad of temperature-control devices. I saw somewhere that it was inspired by avoiding formaldehyde. But, apparently not.

There was also a long passage about the researchers exposing pregnant mice to ecig vapors. Especially with zero-nicotine vapors, this seemed to make the babies hyper and possibly caused brain changes. But these were the same researchers who generated vapors containing all that formaldehyde.

Anyway, I could be wrong. But the main take-home message I got from the scary article was, don't vape cinnamon. Or cola, which contains cinnamon.

Plug-n-Play Sub-Ohm Vaping

ego cloud and two other ecigsSub-ohm vaping - using an atomizer with less than 1 Ω resistance - has been around for a while, to great excitement in certain quarters. But not my quarter. I'm a major fan of ease of use when it comes to e-cigs. My hacker energies were saved for the software end, with the e-liquid.

I'm also cheap when it comes to e-cigs. And when I looked into mods and RDA's and all that, I was put off by the costs of all this fussy stuff. I would want to pay more and work harder because...? I would investigate this at a vapor shop about once a year, just to keep in touch. No sale. I don't enjoy fidgeting with ohm-meters.

But! I got a new toy last week, the Ego Cloud - $21 at Vaping Mall, pure plug-n-play. It's great! In the picture, that's the Ego Cloud on the left, modeling with a basic Ego-plus-micro-core clearomizer setup, and an iStick-plus-micro-core clearomizer on the right.

The Ego Cloud looks handsome. The tank has a 510 fitting, and could run on another mod, but it looks nicest on the battery it came with. The battery says plainly that it can only be used with atomizers up to 1 Ω, so I'm not using it for anything but the kit's own tank. The battery is 2200 mAh capacity, and a little wider and heavier than a 1300 mAh ego battery. It stands up on end perfectly, which I appreciate.

And it produces a lot of vapor, and tastes great. This the first adjustable airflow clearomizer where I didn't set the airflow wide open. The vapor production level is actually too high for me, because I'm a chain vaper. If I use this constantly the way I do my other rigs, I get way too much nicotine too fast. This may be part of what makes the sub-ohms so popular - a very strong dose in a very short time. To chain-vape on this, I'd need some lower-nicotine juice. My other caveat is that the mouthpiece is really wide - that's the clear bit at the top.

More on compatibility. Vaping Mall doesn't sell the replacement coils for this, but the kit includes 2 coils, and you can get 0.5 Ω micro core replacement coils at MadVapes. They also offer 1.2 Ω replacement coils, and as I mentioned last week, I have a couple mod batteries, and I already use micro-core replaceable clearomizers. So I bought some 1.2 Ω replacement coils, and yup! they're compatible. I had to crank my iStick up to 15W from its usual cruising altitude of 9.5W, and then the 1.2 Ω core vaped great in my existing clearomizer (the one pictured on the right). I actually slightly prefer that "low-ohm" experience. Better vapor production, excellent flavor, but not quite the over-the-top vapor production (and e-liquid consumption) as on the Ego Cloud.

There are a lot of these kinds of devices coming out now. I don't know that the Ego Cloud is the best - but it's great, and for $21, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

And no - neither Vaping Mall nor MadVapes gave me anything in exchange for saying so.

Fiction - End Game

End Game is a full-length science fiction novel. Set in Connecticut, this near-term SF adventure is pre-apocalyptic, where ordinary people choose extraordinary ways to face a climate and world gone haywire.

An e-cigarette does appear in one scene. And indoor vegetables.

Some review snippets:

"I had trouble putting it down. I would really enjoy another book in this future, but just from another location. The message that the future is bleak, but deal with it, is very refreshing. Stories with the future being bright and the hero coming out on top, doesn't always happen."

"A vivid picture of how one small corner of the world deals with global events at a very personal level. Starting slowly End Game peels away layers of normality to reveal a world going badly wrong. As the situation gets worse we see how people either degenerate or learn to adapt and even thrive in adversity. As End Game reached its conclusion, I hadn't done with these characters yet and wanted to know more about how their lives panned out. And those are End Game's greatest strengths: a protagonist - and supporting cast - that I grew to identify with over the course of their story, and a message of hope in a world threatening to burst apart at the seams."

"Brilliant read, took me on a great ride as a reader. I loved the interesting and unique characters all thrown together in a changing and crumbling world. Edgy, fast paced. A story that stays with you & gets you thinking! Highly Recommended. I look forward to reading more books from Ginger Booth!"

Visit to see more of my fiction!

Latest Favorite Hardware

What I'm vaping these days is Micro Core replaceable bottom-coil clearomizers. They give a huge flavor boost over the previous clearomizers I was using. There are bells and whistles available, but what I actually like best is the cheapest plastic clearomizer with the basic replacement core.

On the battery end, I never warmed to variable voltage batteries. But I love the new variable wattage. There are lots of these now. My favorite is a 20W eLeaf iStick (includes a 510-to-ego connector). But you can find standard ego-type variable-wattage batteries, too. These are set-and-forget. I set them to 9.6W, and they vape great with whatever clearomizer I screw onto them.

3 New Recipes

I have 3 great new recipes to share. Two use flavors from Jolene Durban kindly sent me a selection of their flavors to try. If you click on their "Printable PG Flavor List", there are suggested recipe percentages for all their many flavors. I'm using way less than the listed suggestions, though. As usual, that depends on your atomizer and taste.

Coconut Macaroon

I don't usually go for dessert flavors, but I love this one. For 10 ml:

  • 20 drops GetSuckered CoCo-TaRo flavor (10%)
  • 4 drops ethyl maltol (2%)


Cool with a bite. For 10 ml:

  • 8 drops GetSuckered Cucumber-Melon flavor (4%)

Inawera Pear

Finally a pear flavor that works! For 10 ml:

  • 8 drops Inawera Pear flavor (4%)

Ecigs101 Book Launches

buy on Amazonbuy on Amazon

E-Cigs 102 Launch!

E-Cigarettes 102: DIY E-Liquid released! This is the second book in the E-Cigs 101 series.

Also - check out my new DIY Calculator! Built to support the new book.

E-Cigarettes 102 covers the whole art and science of making your own flavored e-liquid. I've been making my own for 5 years, since the very first day I vaped. It's easy!

The book jumps in with how to do "Semi-Homemade" e-liquid - play with flavors, not high-nicotine concentrates and solvents. It builds up to "Full Custom DIY". With semi-homemade, flavoring your own e-liquid is easy and saves lots of money. With full custom, you take control over nicotine levels, the chemicals you're taking into your body, etc. The book presents all you need to know, for beginner through advanced DIY.

I'm a pretty emphatic fruit vaper myself. Guest DIY-ers present other flavors. 25 recipes included for inspiration.

The goal of this whole series is to serve as a friendly guide for new vapers, or established vapers seeking to go beyond. There's a ton of information available on the Internet, but frankly, does it make much sense? Can you tell what's important, what's not, what's necessary or optional or just plain obsolete?

Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when E-Cigs 103 is available. It's safe. I won't email often.

E-Cigs 101 Launch!

The first book in my new series has launched! Softcover and eBook are available now!

E-Cigarettes 101: How to Start Vaping is a quick-start guide to vaping - how to get off to a great start, with as little as possible of what you don't need and can't use. Especially, this guide doesn't assume you want to quit smoking. But it explains how to quit smoking with e-cigarettes if you want to. It seeks to be as smoker-friendly and smoker-positive as possible. You've taken more than enough abuse for smoking. Have a serving of respect instead.

Smoking is an emotional issue. E-Cigarettes 101 approaches those emotions with stories of vapers who've gone before you. I believe story is the best vehicle we have for coming to terms with emotional content. And smoking has become all too emotional an issue in our society.

It's been a fun and liberating experience writing this book, especially collaborating with the other story tellers! I hope you'll find a little liberation in the reading of it, and perhaps the perfect e-cig and e-liquid for your own vaping happy place.

The whole series will feature personal stories. Please be sure to sign up for the mailing list, to be notified when new books in the series are available!

And please consider reviewing the book on Amazon. Your story and perspective can really help another person. And share the book with others in your social circle.

  • Feb 6 2016

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